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Main Control Unit
Model Main Controller Building Distributor Expandable Floor Distributor CCTV Distributor
SHT-5810XM SHT-5820XB SHT-5830XM SHT-5840XM
Main Function
~ Combine all building distributors
~ Enable building distributor as per setting
~ Combine main entrance phones (Max. 40)
~ Combine household monitor (Max. 20)
~ Enable building distributor interlocking with main gate phone
~ It is connected to a building distributor instead of actual household monitors
~ Households can be used (Max. 10)
~ Max.6 CCTV video can be transmitted
~ Specific household monitors can interlock
Installation quantity 1EA (In a site) Max. 40EA (In a site) Max. 60EA (with one building distributor) Max. 1EA (with one Building Distributor)
Input Power DC 12V or DC 24V
Power Consumption 9W (Max)
Dimension 142 x 205 x 32.7 mm