(Frequently Asked Questions)


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Initial master password is set ‘1234’. It can be changed according to the user manual

There are 2 ways. First, you can use a 9 volt battery to charge up the door lock at the 9 volt contact point to power up the door lock. Then you can use your card, password or fingerprint to enter. Alternatively, if you are using a mortise type door lock, you can use the given mechanical keys to unlock the door lock

Standard mechanical keys given are 5. There are 3 types of cards : RFID Card, Hand phone sticker and Hand phone key tag. You will receive 2 of each type of cards.

Yes, all our prices includes installation & GST.

Using 8 batteries, 9 ~ 10 months for 10 per day usage. It can be shorter or longer depending on the usage.

Yes, The lock operates standalone on batteries so a power failure will not affect its operations.

No. Although an exposure to a minute amount of water is harmless, the door lock is designed to be used indoor or under the shelter.

Firstly, the may occur when the fingerprint is positioned differently as compared to when you register it. For the fingerprint to be detected, the difference must not to when you register it. For the fingerprint to be detected, the difference must not exceed a certain tolerance. Please try again with different fingerprint positions.

Secondly, due to genetic differences lines so the system may have difficulty detecting the fingerprints. If that is the case, the person can the password or the emergency key to open the door.

Yes, our door locks have 1 year of full warranty and the second year of warranty will cover parts. i.e change of parts is covered but labor and transportation will not be covered.

Authorized distributor (Hanman) will continue to provide technical support over the phone. If on-site servicing is required, there is a minimum charge of S$80.

  1. slamming of door may cause impacts and damages the motherboard in the door lock, and such actions will not be covered under the warranty. Customers are advised to install a door closer as prevention.
  2. battery leakages in the battery compartment may affect the motherboard too. Remember to inspect your battery compartment every 2 to 3 months.

Alarming of unknown melody intermittently, very rapid draining of batteries and problem in locking and unlocking mechanism are some common symptoms of malfunctioning motherboard.